Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition in the Pipeline, Only For Japan…For Now?

Capcom has announced that they are working on a Gold Edition for 2017’s highly acclaimed title Resident Evil 7, which will come bundled with all of the DLC released thus far and a new chapter called “End of Zoe”. This “game of the year” edition, in all but name, will launch on December 12th, though we are unsure at this time whether it will be available beyond the borders of Japan.

“End of Zoe” will be a tale following Zoe Baker after the chilling events of Resident Evil 7 and “Not a Hero”, throwing players into the swamplands of Louisiana. Included in the Gold Edition and for Season Pass owners, the DLC will also be available to purchase separately from December 12th.

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“Not a Hero”, the free DLC that has been delayed since its launch earlier this year, will also be launching on the same day and will be free for all players to download. Join Chris Redfield as he battles his way through the caverns that lurk beneath the Baker’s mansion, armed to the teeth, ready to face whatever bio-mutant threats are between him and hopeful freedom.

Encouragingly, both Not a Hero and End of Zoe will be PSVR compatible as per the base game.

Until it is in hands, we must make do with these screenshots. Though they are blooming pretty, in a deathly-darkly-horror way.

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