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Resident Evil 7’s Gore Is Censored in Japan

Resident Evil 7 revels in the creepy, nasty, and bloody images on screen, and you expect to see this from all the marketing we have seen. However, the home of Resident Evil received a tamer version of the same game. In the video, you see multiple short scenes from the game (spoilers obviously) released outside Japan compared to the “Grotesque Version” released in Japan.

As an example, in the English version, a rotting head is found in a refrigerator. (If you to avoid it spoiling, it is either there or the freezer, so it only makes sense.) In the Japanese version, there is picture of an ‘X’ crossing out a man’s face. That is a very different¬†image with an anticlimactic¬†impact to the player.

We often hear of games being censored when they come from Japan to America and Europe, but it is strange for a Japanese developer to censor their own game and ship the “Too Hot for TV” version to us. There are plenty of horror films or very violent films from Japan, so these changes are puzzling.

If you have any insight into why this would be edited as opposed to all the other wonderfully weird media we see from Japan, please let us know in the comments.

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