Resident Evil 7’s Official Soundtrack Now Available

Resident Evil 7’s Official Soundtrack Now Available

We’ve been all about Resident Evil 7 lately, from our world’s first English review to all the news following its release. Now you can add yet another nugget of info thanks to Capcom and major music services. The official soundtrack to Resident Evil 7 is now available for purchase at the likes of iTunes,, and Amazon. It will feature haunting acoustics with dark aleatoric soundscapes and is created by¬†Capcom composers Akiyuki Morimoto, Miwako Chinone and Satoshi Hori. As well as music from US composers Cris Velasco, Brian D’Oliviera and Michael A. Levine. May we suggest listening to the game’s title track above? It definitely got into this author’s head and has been bugging his wife with it the past two weeks.

Resident Evil 7 launched worldwide not too long ago and if you haven’t heard by now, the title is a return to form for the series. Even our review says so. So if you’re aching to listen to chilling yet entertaining music, go ahead and give the soundtrack a listen. While you’re at it let us know what your favorite track is in the comments and go tell aunt Rhody that everybody is dead.



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