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Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is a CGI Netflix Series, Here’s Your First Trailer

Capcom has come out of Tokyo Game Show 2020 – held online this year, for obvious reasons – with the announcement that Resident Evil will be heading to the small (can we even call modern TVs small?) screen via a new Netflix show.

The new series, titled Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, will star the fan-favourite characters from the Resident Evil games, Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy. The new series will launch sometime next year in 2021 on Netflix’s video streaming service, though at this time there is no firm release window. For all we know, it could release in January, or it could be held back as a Halloween tie-in. Or, perhaps, it’ll come out shortly before Resident Evil 8 on PS5. Anything is possible with those crazy guys and gals at Capcom…

While we don’t have a Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness release date, we do have the very first teaser trailer for the 2021 show. The teaser trailer is suitably spooky and gives us our first look at this CGI used in the series. Man, if the PS5 graphics come even close to this, we’re all in for a treat next-gen.

Capcom hasn’t released any further details about Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, but we may get more trailers and teasers in the run-up to whenever the series hits Netflix.

Source: YouTube

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