Resident Evil Village Sells Scarily Well With Three Million Games Shipped

Resident Evil Village isn’t a game for everyone. But that hasn’t stopped the game from doing well. In fact, with three million copies shipped in just four days, you could say the launch was a great success – especially as it also made first place in the sales chart. 

Capcom must be very happy with how many copies of Resident Evil Village it has shipped in not even its first full week post-launch, what with three million copies making their way to brave fans and the like. It must also be eyeing up another million or so of sales in the final few days, surely. But was this to be expected – given its genre – or have we all hardened over the past year?

To be fair, I’m used to my niche genre (JRPGs) being happy to ship similar numbers over a game’s entire lifetime. So, I’m probably not the best to make such analytical comparisons. But it’s still a healthy performance given the laundry bill that inevitably comes with its scares. It’s just not the best show in the series.

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That honour rests with Resident Evil 6, which shipped around 4.5 million in a comparable window. And then the next spot is taken by Resident Evil 5 with around half a million less. But Resident Evil Biohazard only shipped half that when it launched in 2017, which means Resident Evil Village has made big gains against that game.

Can it sustain this momentum, though?

I think it can, if online comments are anything to go by; gamers seem to be raving about its atmospheric and engrossing experience, along with crowning Resident Evil Village the best entry since Resident Evil 4. But do you agree?

Source: Capcom

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