Retro 2D Platformer Fox n Forests Coming to the PS4

The platformer is certainly experiencing its share of releases lately, and we have another coming this spring. Fox n Forests is looking to give you all the 16-bit goodness you remember without having to blow the dust out of a cartridge. It even has a chiptune soundtrack for you purists.

As Rick the Fox, you will use your crossbow and the ability to change seasons to successfully navigate the forest and defeat tricky bosses. You can plunge the level into winter or change the season to fall to create new platforms and paths.

The developer looked to titles such as Super Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts, ActRaiser 2, and Castlevania for inspiration for its 16-bit design. Those games were a little more difficult, but Fox n Forests is promised to be both challenging and accessible. Well, we can meet the skill level of one of those.

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The trailer is really a step back in time. If you miss those old school games, give it a watch and prepare your reflexes for when Fox n Forests launches later this spring.


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