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RetroMania Wrestling Announced for PS4, Releases Early 2020

RetroSoft Studios has announced today that it will be bringing its upcoming RetroMania Wrestling to PS4 early next year, after having originally only being announced for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. It’s not clear why the PS4 version wasn’t confirmed earlier, but the press release states that RetroMania Wrestling “has been approved for the PlayStation 4,” indicating it was possibly originally rejected. Why? Who knows. Who cares, all that matters is that it will release on PS4 alongside other consoles.

If this is the first you’re hearing of RetroMania Wrestling, I’ll fill in the gaps. It’s a wrestling game that the developer, RetroSoft Studios is billing as a spiritual successor to Wrestlefest, a game that originally released way back in 1991. Boy, I was just a year old at that time. Crazy.

It’ll feature retro-style graphics (no surprise there) as well as a mix of old-school wrestlers who have since hung up their undies and body oil, and current professional wrestlers. The game will also ship with a single-player story mode, along with a few other game modes to keep players busy.

There’s no word on the release date just yet, only that it’ll be releasing early next year. Up at the top of the page is some gameplay footage of the game, and down below is some gameplay of Wrestlefest, the game which RetroMania Wrestling is paying homage to.

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