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Re:Turn – One Way Trip Drops a Ghost Story Launch Trailer

Ahhhh, I do love the scary games that come out to play at this time of year. A launch trailer debuted for Re:Turn – One Way Trip today. It shows a group of kids talking and telling a scary story around a campfire. Things quickly go poorly, and one girl is left alone. After discovering an old train in the forest, she decides to explore it. Inside that train, she talks to entities that might be ghosts and runs from scary monsters. It looks like a good start.

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The game relies on the character moving between the past and present to solve tough puzzles and unlock more areas for exploration. By collecting clues and using your brain, you might be able to find your friends and stop a horrible evil. The story is told from two character’s perspectives, and, according to my press release, uses a soundtrack that builds a lot of tension.

Unfortunately, we have to wait a few more weeks, before it releases on the PS4. We don’t have an exact date, but it should be a “Halloween release.” We should know more soon, and we’ll let fans of scary games know when they’ll be taking a trip to the woods.

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