Returnal Dev Diary Shows Off the Game’s Cycling Reality With Real People

The brains behind Returnal have used the game’s own mechanics in their latest dev diary by making themselves characters, of sorts. The thing is, apart from promoting the game and its mind bending reality, the whole video makes a great watch too. So whether it’s a marketing plot or not, I think you’re going to enjoy this one. And it only asks for twelve minutes of your time.

Returnal is a game that is based on things repeating themselves yet changing with every cycle. So, if you were the team behind it and wanted to release a dev diary, what better way would there be than to recreate that in the real world. I agree it sounds bonkers. Chaotic, even. But in the end, the video that was released on to YouTube recently gets that point across and then some.

It’s just a shame many are holding off from playing the game until its bugs are smoothed out.

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In all fairness, the save issue was addressed in a recent patch. But many are reluctant to devote a few hours or more of their time, only to find their progression corrupted. So it looks like Returnal will have to prove its stability for a little longer before bringing them round. However, this video should help in reaching that goal because it certainly gets you interested in the repetitive mechanics. Even if that seems to be a trend in the coming months…

In the video, Harry Krueger (director) and Mikael Haveri (marketing director) are seen walking together in the very cold wilderness. But just as they get into the game’s features, the duo are caught up in a similar scenario whereby reality seems to be cycling through a loop – very much bringing the mystique of Returnal to life. Just don’t expect to find out something you don’t already know. The game’s out, after all, and this isn’t some great reveal.

Source: YouTube

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