Returnal Patch 1.3.4 Fixes That Annoying Save Bug, Available Now

Returnal’s latest patch has been created in order to fix the mess left by the previous one. Not the best chain of events, I’ll give you that, but at least we didn’t have to wait too long for the team to come up with a solution. Now they just need to think up a reason to make us all return for a second play through because with the game’s saves corrupted, there are many unhappy gamers who are washing their hands of it completely. 

Returnal received update 1.3.3 recently. Yet, instead of fixing things, it actually introduced a whole new problem. That came in the form of a save bug, whereby files were corrupted numerous times a minute. In the end, gamers had no choice but to stop playing (and take to social media to share their agony of losing all their progress). However, a fix has now arrived in the form of patch 1.3.4, which should return things back to normal.

In fact, even if you’ve had the issue, it sounds as though simply updating the game will save your cloud stored saves. Although, don’t hold me to that just yet as it’s a little vague.

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Not long after the doomed update dropped, Twitter was awash with players who’d found their saves ruined, with many stating they wouldn’t be starting Returnal from the beginning again. Meanwhile, others rejoiced that not having auto-update engaged meant they were saved from the heartache. But, then again, nobody likes a show off. And it’s not like anyone could have foreseen this happening, so it shouldn’t be that you have to turn the option off just to save your progress.

It’s meant to be a convenience, after all.

Anyway, just in case you were wondering, the dodgy patch had been removed from the servers once the issue was realised, so you shouldn’t have accidentally downloaded it in the interim. And Housemarque was urging players to delete the game and re-download as to circumnavigate the problem, so they were doing as much as they could at the time to help. But now with the (very swift) arrival of patch 1.3.4, all that kerfuffle can be avoided – and hopefully anymore unintentional problems, too….

Source: Twitter

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