Review: Air Missions: HIND – PS4

Air Missions: HIND is a bad game, and it’s obvious from the very first moment you’re plonked into the pilot seat of one of the game’s faithfully recreated attack helicopters.

I went into the game with low expectations anyway, but after ten minutes of frustration I was ready to call it a day. I started off with the basic training missions that are supposed to familiarise you with the controls. They didn’t. They made me angry. Trying to move in any kind of efficient way is just downright infuriating. The controls aren’t just bad, they’re broken.

The first task was to take off and head towards an objective marker. In any other game this would be easy, boring, and over in a matter of minutes. With Air Missions: HIND it was a difficult, infuriating, and took me well over 10 minutes – and that’s before I’d even been given a target to shoot at.

Later on in the tutorial you’re tasked with shooting some targets on the ground. I tried, I failed, I crashed my stupid helicopter into the ground.

I did eventually pass the tutorial section, though it wasn’t without casualties. A mug resting on the side of my sofa paid the price as my frustration got the better of me and I flung my arms out wide, shouting “COME ON” at the television screen. It fell with grace and it broke into a dozen pieces, sending coffee-cup shrapnel all over my recently mopped floor. The coffee splattered everywhere. Then I heard the heartbreaking question come from my little boy who was playing with his cars in the corner.

“Dada? Dada? Oh no. Messy!” He exclaimed as he ran over to investigate the commotion. I picked him up and held him tight. I leaned close to his little head and promised I would never let him play a bad game, and that he wouldn’t ever have to feel the way I felt in that moment.

And that’s the most interesting part of the game; the drama it created in my living room. The rest of it is just plain awful. The helicopters may look nice, but everything else is a wasted opportunity. The gameplay is a trudge and the missions themselves are short and lack any kind of variation. The graphics are piss poor, too; it wouldn’t have looked out of place during the early days of the PS3.

I can’t recommend this game to even the biggest helicopter enthusiasts. If you want decent helicopter combat, just jump into GTA V and call it a day.

Air Missions: HIND PS4 Review
  • Overall - Offensively Crap - 1.0/10


Air Missions: HIND has nothing good going for it. Okay, the helicopters look decent enough but that’s about it. The gameplay, the controls, and the graphics are all relics of a bygone era.

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Reviewed using PS4 Pro. 

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