Review: Bear With Me: The Lost Robots – PS4

Bear With Me: The Lost Robots is a unique twist on the film noir story. Although it has some quirks and some disappointing voice acting, it’s a game that deserves a look from point and click adventure fans.

Bear With Me: The Lost Robots is actually a prequel to the other three episodes in the Bear With Me series. It sets up the events in those games, and introduces you to the monochromatic world of private eye, Ted E. Bear. He’s a hard drinker, hard boiled, and hard to get along with character.

The story starts with him taking along a boy named Flint on a new case. Robots are disappearing across Paper City, and the cops are unable to make any headway. Both Ted and Flint have a past that haunts them, and these stories as slowly unraveled they get closer to the truth.

For an episode that lasts a few hours, the story is pretty good, and it has a definite beginning and ending. It tries to stick close to its film noir inspirations as Ted and Flint go to different locations across the city. That city is populated with sentient robots, humans, and anthropomorphic animals. It’s a good mix of weird and occasionally goofy that kept me wanting to move forward to the next chunk of plot.

The dialogue between characters is fine, but Ted’s responses can be really good. His gruff, dry retorts made me smile a few times. It’s not always great, and some lines do fall flat. The voice acting in general is not great, and Ted has some odd pauses here and there that break up the flow of the line. He’s also almost too flat in his delivery.

The core mechanics are old school point and click. You will be able to move to different locations by pulling up your map, collect items, and use those items to solve puzzles. You have a cursor you can move across the screen with the left stick, or you can use the touchpad, which I would recommend.

The gameplay is very basic, but your next steps are usually clear. Some puzzles may require items from another location or may have to be combined into one to work. Beyond those, there are a couple of great puzzles that require you to rearrange items like a jigsaw puzzle and another where you have to move an item to you by choosing the correct sequence of buttons. I really wish there were more of these types of puzzles in the game.

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The visuals are gradients of gray and black, and, although simple, it looks good. The characters and backgrounds have minor animations which fit a classic point and click adventure. It nails the black and white movie aesthetic with a cartoony touch. The only drawback is that when you are looking for something it might not stand out as much against the fifty shades of gray.

Bear With Me: The Lost Robots is a surprising game. It’s mostly well-written with a tone, visuals, and sound that are matched perfectly for the film noir feel it’s trying to achieve. I liked Ted E. Bear and Flint and my adventure through their interesting world. I didn’t enjoy the flat and sometimes awkward voice acting, but, if you’re a fan of point and click games, you’ll find plenty to like here.

Bear With Me: The Lost Robots PS4 Review
  • Overall - Good - 6.9/10


Bear With Me: The Lost Robots is the prequel episode to the series, and it sets up a film noir world filled with oddball robots and creatures. It’s a simplistic and fun point and click adventure with writing that lands more than it misses, but the voice acting falls flat. If you like point and click adventures, check this one out.


  • The writing can be really good, especially Ted’s one-liners
  • The world and film noir style are interesting and feel fresh
  • Even though it’s a prequel, it’s a self-contained story


  • The writing can fall flat sometimes
  • The voice acting is not great

Review Disclaimer: This review was carried out using a copy of the game provided by the publisher. For more information, please read our Review Policy. 

Reviewed using PS4 Pro.

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