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I do love me a break away from the hectic life of mowing down gun-toting madmen, racing supercars through exotic locations, and pretending to be a superstar footballer, and Bridge Constructor is the perfect in-between games release that’ll have me scratching my head for a good while.

Bridge Constructor is what I like to think of as a chill-out game. It doesn’t have me swearing at my TV. I don’t threaten to mutilate anyone and, thankfully, I don’t get pissed off enough to launch my DualShock 4 through a door. That happened recently. And no, I don’t want to talk about it. It was a bad day…


Bridge Constructor has you building bridges. That’s it! Sounds a little daft, doesn’t it? But trust me when I say it’s a hoot. It’s a game that requires a bit of patience as well as some brain power. Believe it or not, but I actually love these kinds of games. It’s a nice change of pace and it’s something I can just sit and play for hours on end without getting frustrated.

Each level presents you with the challenge to build a bridge from one side of the screen to the other. You also have a budget that you must stick to. It starts out fairly simple by giving you a short distance to cover and only wood as your material. Once you’ve completed your bridge and you think it’s not going to send families plunging to their deaths, you can then test it by sending over cars or trucks. If they make it across then you’ve passed the level and are free to continue your career of bridge building. Fail and you’ll watch the vehicles plummet to their doom. The first few challenges are fairly easy, but the game does a good job at easing you in before cranking up the difficulty. Note: Engineers and architects need not bother with this game as your education is basically cheating. Smart arses…


Before long, the game introduces new tools to your kit. You’ll be building with wood, concrete, suspension wires and metal beams, and this is where it gets tricky. Knowing what to use on a given level became a session of trial-and-error for me, and I often built great towering structures that looked impressive, but in reality they couldn’t hold the weight of a child, nevermind two trucks. That’s essentially what Bridge Constructor is all about: trying, failing, learning, and then trying again. Because of this vicious cycle of watching cars and trucks destroy your bridge over and over again, it’s all the more satisfying when they finally cross to the other side – alive, I mean, not crossing over to the afterlife because of your crappy bridge.

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As a game that started out life on touch-screen mobile devices, you’d be right to be worried about the game’s controls. Thankfully they’re perfectly serviceable and I never really had any problems doing what I wanted to do with the DualShock 4 controller in hand. It just works. Simple.

There’s a fair amount of content with Bridge Constructor, too, and you’ll be fiddling with wooden planks and metal beams for hours until you’ve created the granddaddy of bridges after failing many, many times. But you know what? Failure is always an option, and sometimes it’s fun to fail.

Bridge Constructor PS4 Review
  • Overall - Fantastic - 8.0/10


Bridge Constructor is a take-you-time game that has no problems in letting you fail a thousand times before you get it right. And that’s part of its appeal; the satisfaction in finally getting those bloody trucks across your bridge that’s being held together by wooden planks and a prayer is worth the grafting.

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*Reviewed on PS4 Slim.


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