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Review: Gods Will Fall – PS4

The moment I laid eyes on Gods Will Fall I knew I had to be the one to review the game. A Dark Souls-esque dungeon crawler with no two playthroughs the same? Sign me right up.

The promise of Gods Will Fall was large, and more importantly, Gods Will Fall delivered on its promise. If you need any information on what Gods Will Fall is about, check out my preview for the game here.

Right off the bat, the game is beautiful. You’re not getting ultra-realistic graphics but you are getting a canvas-worthy artistic design, and the detail in every aspect of either the overworld or the varied dungeons is worthy of the highest credit. Speaking of dungeons, it must also be said that the effort put into each dungeon to separate them from one another is amazing, with each dungeon having been meticulously designed to match the character of the God you will face at the end of each level.

Besides being easy on the eye, the game is ridiculously easy to jump in and play; there are no particular combos you need to learn, just hack and slash using square for light and triangle for heavy melee attacks. The difficulty of each dungeon is completely random, as promised, and you will more than likely find yourself resetting your save before you know it.

Each victory feels well earned, and each loss can be devastating to how viable it is to defeat all Gods. The game partakes in its own gambling system, as when you lose a warrior to a dungeon, you have the choice of going in and saving them at the risk of yet another warrior, or leave them and come back when/if you have powered up in other dungeons.

The enemy variety is impressive for each level, as their aesthetic depends on the God they serve, and you will face a combination of light foot-soldiers and heavy brutes on the way to the Gods. The Gods themselves are beautiful and each battle has its own nuance. I especially enjoyed the battle with a God in a bathtub carried by his henchmen.

Item and weapon distribution is important as you need to be able to choose between the character more likely to succeed and benefit in the long run, or the characters who could do with a stats buff. This is strongly affected by the mechanic the developers promised and delivered upon, which is your warriors’ personal struggles, as each dungeon will have a unique effect on each warrior.

Sometimes they will receive stat buffs automatically due to their “riling up” and sometimes your warrior will be plagued with bad visions and receive a nerf to their stats for the dungeon. You may think these stats are just a number but try and send your warrior into the dungeon they fear and you will feel the effects.

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The game has a unique way of keeping you tied to it, as failure will drive you to try again and again until you taste that sweet God-slaying victory. If you fail, just try again, and you may find that the dungeon that proved to be your worst enemy will feel super easy comparatively. Likewise, I found all too many times that dungeons can be infinitely harder the second time around, and may prove to foil your playthrough completely.

In terms of sound design, the game delivers on a unique and alien tone, as the developers said they were going for. It is clear to see the time and care they spent on this title and it translates into a well-rounded experience.

If I had to complain about anything then I guess it would be the fact that sometimes the camera angle lets you down. More often than I liked to admit, I was miscalculating jumps and plummeting to my death, completely throwing my playthrough out of the window as I was one warrior down. The margin for failure in this game is minimal and often I have found myself almost completely depleted in one dungeon and having to restart my playthrough to ensure I don’t completely blow out.

I have thoroughly enjoyed putting my hours into Gods Will Fall and I will continue to put more in. The care from the developers put into this title is immense and carries over into an intense and addictive dungeon crawler which is beautiful to look at and to play.

Gods Will Fall has found itself a place in the market possessed by the likes of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, but where they focus on the dark and gritty, Gods Will Fall embraces the unusual and abstract.

Gods Will Fall PS4 Review
  • Overall - Must Play - 9/10


This is a game that can absorb your time if you let it but it’s easy to jump in and play as well, I believe Gods Will Fall has delivered on its promise and then some, and in doing so has claimed its own individual spot in the market, a game truly like no other. I will definitely enjoy the Platinum hunt for this one.



  • Beautifully bizarre design, so easy on the eye
  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Provides a unique challenge with untold replay value
  • No two playthroughs are the same


  • Sometimes the camera angle can make for some embarrassing deaths

Review Disclaimer: This review was carried out using a copy of the game provided by the publisher. For more information, please read our Review Policy

Reviewed using PS4.

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