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Masters Of Anima the newest adventure game from PASSTECH Games and Focus Home Interactive puts you in control of Otto who finds himself trying to save his fiancee and ultimately the world as forces of evil wage war in the magical world of Spark. Otto is a lowly apprentice of Anima, the source of all life in Spark, but in order go marry Ana he must train to reach the rank of Anima Master. The evil Zahr has captured Ana and unleashes his Golems to destroy the maters of anima so Otto sets out to rescue her and quickly learning how to control his own army of guardians.

In the beginning, Masters Of Anima seems like a perfectly lovely game. Otto travels throughout Spark defeating Zahr’s evil golems by summoning guardians. The minion armies vary in abilities and talents. As Otto levels up, more guardians are at his beckoning call but since they are mindless creatures you must instruct them where to go and when to move from harm’s way. Otto himself isn’t much better in battle and participating often leaves your guardians vulnerable and there’s only so much anima around to produce more. Combat doesn’t always respond as intended and is poorly designed which is the ultimate game flaw for a game that features so much of it.


Game Info

  • Developer: PASSTECH Games
  • Release Date: April 10th, 2018
  • Price: $19.99/£15.99/€19.99

Very early on in the game the difficulty level spikes to unreasonable proportions so much so that the game becomes more of a source of frustration than fun. The controls are not intuitive and I found myself rage quitting on more than one occasion. Gameplay also includes a series of puzzles that soon become repetitive motions of moving things around to unlock new areas. Enemies have massive health bars that take Otto and his armies entirely too long to whittle down. Seemingly the longer it takes you to defeat the golems, the more powerful and unpredictable they become.

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Checkpoints in the game were also a source of frustration, when after suffering through what seemed eternal battles, one death caused having to start the level from the beginning.

The art style and graphics are colorful and reminded me of one of my recent favorite games, Hob. Graphically it’s simplistic and not pushing the PS4 Pro that I played it on to new levels, but it wasn’t without charm. The story and voice acting is probably the best part of the game despite the story feeling familiar in the realm of its kind I enjoyed Otto and the game’s sense of humor.

Masters Of Anima had good intentions and ideas but through bad design choices and a poor combat system, the game was far more frustrating than any form of entertainment should be.


Masters of Anima PS4 Review
  • Overall - Not Bad - 5.5/10


In theory Masters Of Anima sounds like a great time but due to poor controls, bad checkpoints and unrealistic difficulty spikes the game was more trouble than it was worth.

Review Disclaimer: This review was carried out using a copy of the game provided by the publisher. For more information, please read our Review Policy.

Reviewed using PS4 Pro.

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