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Review: Overwatch (PS4)

Overwatch is a game I just can’t get enough of. If someone came to me and said how would you like an only online multiplayer fps with some MOBA elements a few months ago, my response may have just been a “meh” and a shrug. However, after playing Overwatch for over a week now I have concluded that this new ‘hybrid’ genre is fantastic and currently has very little competition, only really Battleborn… sorta kinda. Overwatch is selling insanely quickly with Amazon running out of physical copies and digital buyers having to queue to download it due to the huge amounts of people trying to do it at the same time.

First of all, many people said things like “oh it’s just a MOBA”. However, without lanes, minions, towers, or a core it really isn’t. Also, it has been compared to Team Fortress 2 which I can see as they are both¬†cartoonish style fps games. Although I have played TF2 and it doesn’t feel anything like Overwatch, so if you’re looking for a new experience then Overwatch is for you.

Overwatch Genji

Gameplay is smooth and fast without frame rate drops… ever, which is amazing considering all the heroes on screen at once and the large amount of visual noise. Abilities seem to work pretty flawlessly, I’m yet to encounter any bug or glitch that in any way inhibits gameplay. Heroes are well made and balanced with perhaps just 2 exceptions; D.VA seems to be lacking some of the mobility and weapons you would expect from a large battle mech. Also the cowboy McCree (my personal favourite hero) has had players complaining about his huge close range burst damage with the infamous flash bang followed by fan the hammer combo which sees him able to quickly solo kill large tank heroes.

The hero roster currently consists of 21 playable characters each with completely unique abilities and play styles so there truly is something for everyone. Furthermore the roster is due to expand in free updates over time, the game is in no way pay to win which is extremely refreshing. You can buy loot boxes in-game as micro transactions however they are purely vanity and will in no way improve someone’s ability to play a given character. Game modes currently consist of capturing points and escorting payloads, plus a weekly brawl which is a unique game mode that’s rules differ every week. Overwatch already features many maps but again we should be seeing more maps in future free updates, we just have to hope Blizzard will be generous with the free content.

Overwatch soldier 76

Next up is the only negative to Overwatch and that is the lack of any story/single player mode. If your internet ever gets a bit slow and you can’t struggle through the frustration of laggy online multiplayer then there isn’t really anything else you can do. There are only so many times you can play through the tutorial or training modes. Provided your internet is stable, however, the online does not get boring.

Is Overwatch noob friendly? Now that is a resounding “yes”. The game will pit you against people with similar statistics to your own so you shouldn’t end up against the best players who will simply slaughter you. You will always play opponents at the same or similar skill level to your own. On top of this, the training modes and tutorials are both great and do a good job of explaining the basics. Further tips are shown in-game when you die in certain ways and you are given information on how to perform counters and there’s also some tips in the hero selection screen the game will help you pick a balanced team.

Next up the art style: Overwatch is¬†animated and cartoonish but not overly so that it seems too silly and absurd. Personally it reminds of the indie game Firewatch in terms of artistic style which really is quite beautiful; more than one death has come from me not paying attention and gazing at the scenery. It’s not an ultra-realistic approach but that’s OK as it’s not trying to be the next big graphical showcase, but it does a good enough job at looking pretty.

In conclusion, although Overwatch is a fantastic game, it won’t be for those of you who prefer a story based single player experience. If in any capacity you enjoy or want to try out an online multi player game then I would urge you to make it Overwatch. If you have friends who play it, that will improve your experience even more as playing with friends is always more fun plus you gain a 20% exp bonus for playing in a group. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going back on Overwatch.

Overwatch Review - PS4
  • Overall - 9/10


Overwatch is fast, chaotic, heavily skill/team based and unquestionably smooth. The awesome heroes and intense 6v6 battles will have you addicted in no time at all. It’s a unique game that would be a sin to not at least try out. The only negative being a lack of any offline or story mode elements, however the online’s so good that unless you really aren’t into online multiplayer games it won’t be an issue. Blizzard have truly outdone themselves here.

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