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Review: Party Hard 2 – PS4

If games have taught me anything, it’s that violence and murder are fun. Party Hard 2 allows you to kill your way through fourteen levels with devious traps, a couple of boss fights, and a lot of crazy objectives in an almost cartoony search for justice. But is its brand of violence fun?

Let’s hit the story first. It’s not very deep, and that’s fine. It’s a plot about pharmaceuticals that turn people into psychos, and your character, a victim, is trying to stop it. It’s nice to have a story, but I’m not bothered by it being very weak. I was bothered by the bad voice acting, but neither should be your focus when playing.

The real meat of the game is eliminating targets, and your character is excellent at it. Each level is a party scene in varied locations from atop a bridge to a dance club. You’ll have different objectives, and there are always two ways to complete your goals. You can kill everyone, or you can complete a list of tasks and keep your kill count focused.

Each level is a puzzle at first, and new goals can pop up as you explore. Not everything needs to be done to beat the level, but some of them are challenging and funny. To keep things fresh, the locations of items and traps altered as I replayed them. There are a lot of little secrets hidden away for you to find and other characters to unlock giving the game some replayability.

You may be a mask-wearing killer, but Party Hard 2 rewards subtlety. Traps are scattered throughout the level, and they can be used to kill without getting your hands dirty. Dance next to the music speakers and gather a crowd. Sabotage the speakers and watch them explode from a safe distance. Using items you find, craft a Molotov and other tools to rack up your kill count.

If you are spotted, people will call the police. They roll up and search for the real killer. If you haven’t been marked, they’ll grab someone else and leave. If you are spotted perforating a party guest, they’ll chase you around the level. They’re generally faster, and your sprint wears down quickly. However, they can be thwarted with traps or if the timer runs out. Guards and other people won’t hesitate to beat you up either.

For the most part, you can avoid being caught if you’re cautious, but there were a few times that someone decided I was the killer for seemingly no reason. Dancing must be good cardio, because most of them run faster and dialed the phone before I could get to them and introduce them to Mr. Stabby, my knife. If you’re quick, you can kill them before the call is completed. Just try not to be spotted.

The overall presentation is decent. The pixelated visuals are generally clear enough for you to see. Darker areas can obscure obstacles, but it was mostly good. The story presentation is basic. The soundtrack for the game is the star here. It’s an electronic mix that just feels good even when you’re playing the level for the tenth time.

Party Hard 2’s story and voice acting may not be great, but the gameplay is right on target. Presenting you with a lot of options through different traps and items and objectives, it’s a fun experience for anyone who likes puzzles and wanton violence, and both are satisfying.

Party Hard 2 PS4 Review
  • Overall - Very Good - 7/10


Party Hard 2 is more than a basic murder simulator. From crafting items to creating the perfect opportunity for a trap, it can be a fun little game to pick up and play with additional characters and secrets to find and a nice soundtrack. While the story is OK, and the voice acting is not good, it still manages to create a compelling overall package.


  • Levels are puzzles with plenty of secrets to discover
  • Trap and weapon variety is good
  • Soundtrack is great


  • Story is OK
  • Voice acting is bad
  • Sometimes the AI knew I was the killer without seeing me kill

Review Disclaimer: This review was carried out using a copy of the game provided by the publisher. For more information, please read our Review Policy

Reviewed using PS4 Pro. 

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