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I’m not the best at twitchy platformers, nor am I their biggest fan. I’ve tried to my hand at Super Meatboy and I’ve found my hand to be useless. But what about Slime-San: Superslime Edition on PS4? Well I’m still crap, but at least I think I’m getting a fair punt at a level. Let me explain, but first, a bit of Slime-San.

Slime-San’s premise is… odd. You’re a sentient green blob that has been ingested by a giant worm, and it’s your task to make your way through the worm’s body in order to escape. Very odd premise indeed. If you’re looking for a story, this isn’t the game for you. Its premise is daft but it’s in keeping with the rest of the game.

You’ll make your way through the worm’s innards by way of platforming. It’s not as simple as jumping from platform to platform, however, as there are numerous obstacles within each level. The first few levels are on the easy side and are designed to help you learn the game’s platforming mechanics. Pay attention during these opening challenges as the skills you’ll learn here will be put to use not soon after.

Levels are devilishly designed to get your tapping away at the gamepad to jump, morph, or dash your way through them. I found each and every level to be suitably unique, even if they all share a similar aesthetic. You can blast your way through some levels within seconds, but others will require time and patience, as well as a bit of forethought for the more puzzley levels. Others will really test your patience. That being said, I never found the game to be too difficult, or so much so that I’d put the controller down and walk away. It always felt like I had a fair shot and that if I screwed up it was because of my own mistakes, not the game cheesing me.

The real challenge in Slime-San, I guess, is in mastering the controls. It’s not a difficult game to control by any means, and every works as it should. It’s as fast and responsive as any other decent platformer, but it does have its own flavour. A lot of the time you’ll need to combine different moves to make progress. As I’ve already mentioned, it’s easy enough when you’re starting out, but the game soon starts throwing some really complicated levels at you where you’re not only trying to survive every jump, but you’re also racing against the rising tide of stomach acid. With the extra pressure of racing against time, I found myself cocking up more often than not. You’ll need balls of steel to hold your nerves together, failing that, a good lucky run.

Aesthetically Slime-San isn’t what I would typically look at and go “oh, lovely.” It’s retro-inspired in every sense, even the music. But it works. Gameplay trumps graphics again, thankfully, and after a while the graphics are the last thing I’m thinking about, strangely enough.

Slime-San has that addictive quality that I, as a person who becomes addicted to nice things really easily (please don’t try to sell me crack), absolutely love. Where other platformers failed to get their hooks into me by pissing me off early on in the game, Slime-San has come in to take my custom. And like any other addict, I’m hooked. Hooked so much that the Mrs has taken note and is now selling me access to my own TV. What’s the lesson here, kids? Once you’re on crack of any form, people will swoop in and take advantage of you.

Crack jokes aside, Slime-San is an exceptional platformer. There’s a plethora of levels to play through in the main campaign, and then just when you think you’ve beaten the beast, there’s the add-on expansions that are included with Slime-San: Superslime Edition. Too much of a good thing? Possibly, but it’s worth the stares as you wash the car naked to earn 15 minutes of TV access.

Slime-San: Superslime Edition PS4 Review
  • Overall - Must Buy - 9.0/10


It’s very rare that I get so involved with such a simple genre: the good old fashioned platformer. Where Mario, Sonic, and Meatboy failed, Slime-San succeeded. I’m surprised, to be honest, but a great game is a great game. You’re getting a lot of challenging fun for your cash, and if you’re a dentist by day but a speed-runner by night, you’ll enjoy the ticking of the clock as you race to be the best.

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Reviewed using base PS4. 

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