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Revolution Unlimited Pro PS4 Wireless Controller is Coming This Spring

There’s a new PS4 controller on the horizon, though it’s not your typical DualShock 4 colour variation. This one is coming from Nacon, a company known for bringing out accessories for PS4 and PC over the last five years. What makes this one stand out a little more than your average third-party controller is that it’s basically the PS4’s answer to the Xbox Elite gamepad, and unlike some others, this one is officially licensed by Sony.

The controller, which you can get a look at in the video embedded above, has it all. You’ve got every face button that’s normally found on a DualShock 4, as well as the triggers and touchpad. The Share and Options buttons remain intact, too, as does the PS button.

There are a few options to tweak, too. If you have a preference towards either concave or convex stick heads, you can change them up to suit your needs. You can also adjust the shaft’s as well as the actual weight to adjust the balance to your needs. The weight?! For your average, everyday gamer it may seem a little odd, but this controller was designed with competitive players in mind and all these little variables can drastically change the way a game plays and feels.

What you need to know is that it’s not out yet, but it will be releasing in the Spring of 2019. Also, it’ll not come cheap with an RRP of £149.99. So yeah, if you’re planning on spending big, be sure to keep a DualShock 4 next to you for those rage inducing moments. Better to lob a cheap DualShock through the telly than something comparable to rent money…

There’s plenty more information and specs down below, courtesy of the Nacon/BIGBEN press release.

REVOLUTION Unlimited Pro Controller officially licensed for PlayStation®4   
  • Wireless Bluetooth® connection via USB dongle (7m range)
  • Wired connection via USB-C cable (3m length)
  • PS, SHARE, OPTIONS buttons
  • Full function touch pad
  • 4 shortcut buttons (S1/S2/S3/S4)
  • 3.5mm headset jack: audio and chat in both wired and wireless modes
  • Two internal compartments and six additional weights to adjust the balance (2x10g / 2x14g / 2x16g)
  • Soft-touch finish to the controller’s casing
  • EVA storage case included
  • Compatible with all PS4™ systems
  • Compatible with PC games in PC Advanced Mode*
Back control panel 
  • Manual control of the headset volume and mute button
  • Game mode selection button (1-PS4 / 2-PS4 Advanced / 3-PC Advanced*)
  • Platform selection button (PS4/PC*)
* PC Advanced mode not tested nor endorsed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe.

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