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Rez Infinite Readies a Release This October 13th on PS4 and PlayStation VR

Who wants more PlayStation VR games? Well you’re getting them either way as another one has been confirmed as a launch title for the pricey peripheral that’s launching later this year.

Rez Infinite was previously announced at last year’s PlayStation Experience for the PS4 but since then we’ve not seen or heard much from the studio behind the next-gen remake.

That changed today when the developer, Enhance Games, announced the official release date for the game on Twitter: October 13th, 2016. What’s more is that it was also confirmed to be a launch game for the PlayStation VR this October. The PlayStation VR is looking to have a strong line-up of games when it releases this Autumn and one more on the pile can’t hurt a single bit. Unless it’s rubbish, obviously, but we’ve got faith that it’ll be decent.

Is this one that you’ll be picking up, or strapping on (oo er) later this year? Rez yourself in the comments section below.

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