Rhythm Shooter Pistol Whip Shoots for Summer Release on PSVR

Pistol Whip, the acclaimed rhythm shooter from Cloudhead Games is finally coming to the PlayStation VR. We don’t have an exact date, instead just a somewhat vague “summer” release. If you haven’t played the VR shooter, imagine throwing Super Hot, Beat Saber, and John Wick into a blender. We haven’t played the PSVR version yet, but if the Quest version is any indication, the PSVR port will be worthy of the hype.

The gameplay is fairly straightforward and should be a perfect fit for the PSVR. It plays best as a rhythm game where you shoot the bad guys to the beat, but in a fun twist, you don’t need to. You can treat the music as just a badass soundtrack if you’re musically challenged. In my review of the Oculus Quest version, I found that the most fun you’ll have with Pistol Whip is when you play it as designed. Especially if you want to achieve that flow state that music games are known for.

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Cloudhead Games have added new levels (scenes) monthly since release at no charge and those will be included in the PSVR version when it releases this summer. In addition, there are a ton of modifiers that you can use to completely change up the gameplay, from dual wield to removing the aim assist. The former helps to make you feel more like John Wick, while the latter makes you feel more like Papa John than John Wick. But if the added difficulty is your thing, this is the modifier for you. Either way, it’s a lot of fun and damn good workout.

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