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Ride 4 Latest Trailer Shows Off Massive Graphical Improvements; Steelbook Edition Announced

Milestone has today given us a brand new trailer for the upcoming motorcycle racer Ride 4, and it’s a doozy on a couple of levels.

The new trailer gives us a look at what the developers are calling “cutting edge” levels of fidelity, and after having watched the trailer, I can understand why – it really does look very impressive indeed.

The trailer also features a familiar song that’ll no doubt have a few of you wondering where you’ve heard it before. Give the trailer a watch, and I’ll give you the answer to your burning question down below.

The trailer was created using the game engine, and it shows some incredible details on the bikes and the tracks they’re racing on. According to the developers, even the cockpits of the bikes are near-perfect reproductions of the real thing, both in terms of design and dynamic elements. The data on the dashboard changes in real-time, showing speed, temperature, and traction control, all of which are vital to keeping your bike going forward and staying upright. Oh, and even the oil bottle vibrates with the movement of the bike. Now that’s detail!

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The new trailer isn’t all we’re getting today. The PR team have sent over the trailer and some fresh screenshots, which you can find down below. We’ve also got word that Ride 4 will be getting a very special Steelbook edition dedicated to the iconic Yamaha R1 2020, and this edition comes with access to the Season Pass which brings 65 new bikes, two new tracks, and 150 new events.

Ride 4 will release on October 8th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Oh, and you’ve heard that song before in the Assassin’s Creed: Revelations original reveal trailer. You’re welcome.

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