Ride Together In Launch Final Fantasy XV Trailer

Ride Together In Launch Final Fantasy XV Trailer

With a game that looks as good as Final Fantasy XV, it is no wonder that Square Enix keeps dropping the trailers on us. That is probably what they were doing when they delayed the game, and after watching it a couple times, it definitely has us hyped to throw the disc into our PS4.

The trailer starts with short clips setting up the plot against an industrial tune that sounds like classic Nine Inch Nails. After hearing about the death of someone close to Noctis (come on…we all know who by now), the mood changes, and the trailer almost takes on a Grand Theft Fantasy mood with a track by (we think) Eminem. Seriously, check out everything after about 52 seconds into the video with the shot of the bay and riding in a yacht, and tell us that is not what they were imitating.

Is this a welcome change in tone from the traditional Final Fantasy? We will let you know when our review hits. For now, could you drop us line and let us know the name of that first song?

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