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Riders Republic Latest Trailer Delves into Character Customisations

Dress to impress in the latest Riders Republic trailer

Riders Republic has received a new trailer showcasing the customisations options available to players when the game releases later this year. From the outset, the trailer shows a broad range of options for creating your character, including two different body types.

From here, you can personalise your rider even further by selecting a skin tone, face, eyes, hair, and even facial hair to your personal preference. At any point, you’re not vibing the way your rider looks; you can easily change your character’s appearance, which is a pretty neat feature to include.

This is not where the customisation options will end, as you can choose what clothes and accessories your character will wear. This can range from a professional rider outfit, causal wear to a wacky panda suit.

However, the trailer reassures players that the vast majority of these rewards will be attained by just playing the game, such as completing sponsorships daily contracts and weekly challenges. Sponsorship daily contracts will include tasks such as completing 3 different stunts, reaching 300k points in bike tricks events, and winning 3 big or boss bike events.

There will be shops scattered across the game, including one in Riders Ridge where you can use the in-game currency called bucks, which is earned by simply playing the game. You can then use bucks to buy outfits in the shop. The threads in the trailer are from the launch collection and include outfits such as RR MACHINE, which looks like a professional snowboarder ensemble, HANGING BY A THREAD, which appears to be a laid-back skater garb, and GO!DUCKFACE, an attire that gives the illusion of a duck. Although there will be other cosmetics you can only purchase with Republic Coins, they will be classed as the hard currency in the game.

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Lastly, you can customise your gears to embody different visual appearances and will have various performance statistics such as sprint, speed, air rotation, grip, and absorption. This will probably lead to situations where you’ll have to switch gears depending on what tracks you decide you’re going up against.  

Riders Republic will launch on 28th October for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

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