Robotics;Notes Double Pack Release Trailer Delivers Robots and Rock

A new trailer released today for the Robotics;Notes Double Pack, and it manages to condense sixty hours of gameplay across two visual novels into a little over two minutes. You won’t understand it unless you play through the game, and, since our review hit today, you can see that I strongly recommend you do.

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The trailer focuses on the characters, and that’s what the game does too. We have a character reveal for everyone, including Daru the Super Hacker from Steins;Gate. He’s in the second visual novel (DaSH), and it’s a nice tie in. Along with a strong rockin’ song, it shows a lot without actually showing you much at all. The combined games are HUGE!

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The only bad news is that you’ll have to wait to play it. North America can pick it up on October 13th, but Europe and the UK will have to wait until the 16th. If you do buy it within the first week of release, the trailer is showing you can buy them (digitally) individually or as a pack for 10% off. No matter how you buy it, you have some great content coming soon, and you can watch the trailer to see it for yourself.

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