ROBOTICS;NOTES DOUBLE PACK Trailer Introduces the Robot Club

A new trailer shows off the real reason you’ll be spending hours and hours of time in the ROBOTICS;NOTES DOUBLE PACK – the characters. Each of them will bring some part of themselves into the club from the reluctant protagonist of Kaito Yashio to Frau Koujiro, the brilliant shut-in. Fans of Steins;Gate will also see that Itaru Hashida, classified here as a perverted superhacker, will also be joining your adventure. (You can check them out in the screenshots at the bottom.)

The (prepare for a lot of capitalization here) ROBOTICS;NOTES DOUBLE PACK is two games in one. It will contain the stories of ROBOTICS;NOTES ELITE and ROBOTICS;NOTES DaSH. ELITE starts with Kaito and Akiho as the last two members of their school’s robot club. Akiho is struggling to complete the robot before the club is disbanded while Kaito lazily relaxes. After a worldwide conspiracy is discovered in the Kimijima Report, those easy days come to an end. DaSH starts with Kaito preparing for a summer festival and meeting Itaru Hashida. Hashida claims to only be a tourist, but weird events keep happening that indicate the world is about to have a really bad day.

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Both of the games are leaving Japan for the first time and will include around 60 hours of gameplay total. Continuing the Science Adventure Series, each one will contain a branching storyline for you to explore. You can pick up the full package in NA on October 13th, but the EU will have to wait until October 16th. The Day One Edition will include a set of four exclusive pins, and it’s up for pre-order on Amazon or Best Buy now.

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