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Rock Band VR is Coming Soon, But Not to PSVR (Yet)

Aw, man, isn’t this a bummer? Harmonix has just announced that Rock Band VR is coming out on PC for the Oculus Rift VR headset this March 23rd, 2017.

Unfortunately there’s no mention of a PS4/PSVR release date, and although we’ve pinged a message to the developers, we’re not entirely sure that it will release on the platform at all; Oculus may well have paid to have the game as an exclusive to its platform, and if that’s the case the best we can hope for is that it’s a timed-exclusive and that we’ll see a release on PSVR sometime in the future.

We’re not holding our breath, though, and we suggest you don’t either. Probably die of oxygen-starvation…

Would you like to see Rock Band VR on the PSVR, or are you not all that fussed with the music genre? Rock out a comment down below.

[Update: After having asked Harmonix if there’s a chance that Roch Band VR could come to the PSVR, the developer stated that the project is funded by Oculus. So, basically, that’s a no. Fair to say, then, that we are gutted.]

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