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Rocket Arena on Sale for Mega Low Price, Two Weeks After Launch

Only two weeks after launch, Rocket Arena is already on sale for the incredibly low price of £4.24/$5.09 on the PlayStation Store. The standard price of Rocket Arena is £24.99, meaning you’ll save 83% with this current price drop. Rocket Arena Mythic Edition is also on sale for £8.74/$9.99, where you can save 75% compared to its usual price of £35.99.

It should be noted, that these prices are only available on the PlayStation Store, and the alkies of PC and Xbox One, Rocket Arena is not on sale.

This is quite a significant price drop to see considering the game was only released on the 14th July, even more so with a publisher such as EA be-hide the game. A lot of games of this genre are usually free-to-play nowadays, so for paid games of this genre, it can be pretty hard to gain a player base and enter the mix as a serious contender.

Perhaps, this price drop is to help boost and solidify a player-base for Rocket Arena moving forward; especially as the first season of Rocket Arena started yesterday – this seems like a good opportunity to get players introduced to the game. The very first season of Rocket Arena will see new hero Flux, alongside new events, maps and Blast Pass where you can unlock 117 rewards including 33 new outfits.

With such a massive price drop, will this entice you to pick up Rocket Arena?

Source: PlayStation Store

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