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Rocket League Actually Will Receive Hot Wheels Car Models

It looks like we prophesied new Rocket League content before it would be announced. By comparing the Hot Wheels brand to new Rocket League toys, we inadvertently revealed ourselves as psychics. Please don’t burn us at the stake. Starting February 21st, two DLC cars will release based on the popular Twin Mill III and Bone Shaker models by the famous mini-car manufacturer for the soccer-car hybrid. They will cost $1.99 a piece and will come with six decals and an exclusive wheel set. The update that brings along these new bad boys will also provide a Hot Wheels antenna and topper to unlock.

You can check out the announcement trailer above but can we just say that kid has one heck of a Hot Wheels setup? Like he makes us jealous. Nevertheless, Psyonix continues to support their creation years after release and we can’t wait until the next batch of content.

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