Rocket League Autumn Update Coming September 28th

Rocket League announced the details of their Autumn Update today, and it looks as if fans are going to have plenty to enjoy. Keeping with the theme, a new map named Farmstead will feature trees with leaves that have changed color and a golden light bathing the arena. Cows have not been directly confirmed, but they do appear in images on Psyonix’s site. It is also called Farmstead, so lovers of all things bovine can look forward to that.

If cows do not excite you (we are with you), you can look forward to over 90 new customization items to make your car your own. These will be free, so you will not have to purchase anything to give your car an avocado or bunny topper, a pinwheel antenna, or a taco boost.

If you want more items, you can join one of the new limited-time Events. This will also be your opportunity to receive the decryptor as a drop after the match. This will let you open any crate you have without buying a key.

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With sweet loot on your mind, you may also receive the accelerator crate. This little baby will contain flashy items, and it may just include the new Jäger 619 RS battle-car that adds a little European racing flair to your stock.

This is not the end of the updates. Psyonix is giving gamers a look at future updates with tournaments coming in 2018 and a new Party System that may someday support cross-platform play, if Sony decides to loosen its stranglehold on that sort of thing.

You can check out the full list of improvements that the Autumn Update will bring, including transparent goal posts and player banners, on their official site, as you work to make the last bit of the 5th season your best.

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