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Rocket League Becomes a Free to Play Game With New Trailer

Rocket League seems to have been around forever. But just as it was turning into part of this generation’s furniture, it’s only gone and changed how it works. No, the cars haven’t been replaced by planes (unfortunately). Nor has the football-esque theme turned into golf. Instead, it will become free to play meaning you no longer have to buy the base game.

Is there any better news article than one containing the word ‘free’? I don’t think so…

Rocket League was one of those PlayStation Plus releases that took the world by storm – a little like Fall Guys has this year. But whereas a lot of games lose their initial player base once the hype dies down and the rose tinted glasses are taken off, it only continued to grow. I’d even go as far to say that it snowballed in the same way that Minecraft did – just with far more loot boxes. Yet, despite it remaining popular amongst gamers (let’s just say, I haven’t heard otherwise), the team have now decided to make it all available for free on all compatible hardware.

What’s better, there’s no need to subscribe to online play either!

To celebrate this momentous decision, the team behind the hybrid sports game have also released a brand new trailer, which you can watch above. And if you were undecided about Rocket League before, I think this will knock you off the fence. Yes, it is a game that demands a lot of commitment to improve your skillset (primarily because of the player base being so darn good). And if cars/ball games are not for you, it may be a tough sell. But it’s such a fun game – which doesn’t demand too long for each match – that it’s at least worth a shot.

And I don’t pardon the pun…

Rocket League will be turning free to play on September 23rd, so you’d better start warming up now.

Source: YouTube

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