Rocket League Championship Series Online Finals

This weekend we will be seeing the awesome Rocket League’s first ever Championship Series Online Finals. The game has blown up and become far more popular than anyone could have imagined, quickly becoming a highly competitive esport. Over 20,000 teams entered and now have been whittled down to only the top 4 from each region who will be battling it out over the weekend for $10,000 and a shot at $75,000 in the International Finals this summer.

In North America they will be competing today (21st) at 7pm UTC time and tomorrow in Europe (22nd) the games kick off at 4pm UTC time. Whether you play Rocket League or not it’s a blast to watch and the top teams high skill levels are beyond impressive. Tune in here at the times mentioned above.

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If you are yet to try out the surprise sensation that is Rocket League you can grab it for £19.99 on the PS Store. To someone who’s never experienced it you may think it looks like there isn’t much to it and you’ll get bored quickly, many of us thought the same and oh how wrong we were.


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