Rocket League Getting a New Update to Fix Bugs Caused By Patch 1.29

Psyonix is releasing update 1.30 for Rocket League to counter the niggles that set in following update 1.29 earlier this week.

On downloading update 1.29, many players reported experiencing frame-rate fluctuations and stuttering in the game, which was explained by the developer to have been caused by the motion blur being forced off.

“Some PS4 players are asking about an “fps drop” or “stuttering” problem that arose with Rocket League in the v1.29 update,” they said. “The issue is actually related to motion blur currently being forced off, which is a byproduct of the PS4 Pro support we now have.

“We are fixing this. In our next update, we will be forcing motion blur back on for PS4 players (as it normally is), which will return the game’s visual quality to what you’re used to.”

Lobos also suffered a one-sided eye lighting problem which is also addressed.

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Full Patch Notes :

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue with the ball collision code, changing it back to pre-v1.29 (Hot Wheels update) conditions in all Offline matches, and Free Play. This update has already been pushed out to our servers for Online matches
  • Toppers (Cavalier, Mohawk, Pixelated Shades) now correctly display on all Battle-Cars
  • Fixed an issue with Twin Mill III engine audio not following the Battle-Car

No date has yet been announced. We’ll bring it to you as soon as we know.

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