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Rocket League Getting Another Free New Game Mode

You must be wondering what us journalists were doing when the site was down? Luckily, the Rocket League Championship Series was happening where friend of the site, Lachinio, and iBUYPOWER Cosmic were crowned champions. Before all the fanfare and celebrations though; a big Rocket League announcement was made. Everyone’s favorite soccer-hybrid game is getting another free, new game mode!

It’s called Rocket League Rumble and acts like a powerup, arcade setup. Each player will be able to acquire different abilities for their car that can be used for a whole host of strategies. There’s ‘The Boot’ which allows you to kick an opponent’s car like an old cartoon. ‘Disruptor’ interferes with a player’s controls and forces them to drive uncontrollably. ‘Freezer’ stops the ball in place even if it’s in the air. The ‘Grappling Hook’ pulls you towards the ball. ‘Haymaker’ punches the ball like an old cartoon. ‘Magnetizer’ pulls the ball towards your car. You can hit everything much harder with ‘Power Hitter.’ A personal favorite is sure to be ‘Spike’ which allows you to stick the ball to your car when you touch it. ‘Swapper’ allows you to change positions with an opponent and ‘Tornado’ actually creates a tornado that swallows everything up.

The new mode will be available in online playlists and private matches. In the latter you can incorporate Mutators into Rumble as well. Mutators being one of the previous game modes where a ton of things in a match could be altered. It is expected to drop in a September update and a trailer was released alongside the announcement.



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