Rocket League Getting Another New Map, Car, Crate, Items, and More

The season of giving is upon us but Rocket League developer, Psyonix, has always been in this caring mood. They’ve consistently released new content for their baby, both free and understandable premium DLC. The trend continues with a host of new additions that have been announced for December 7th. First up is the brand new map called ‘Starbase ARC.’ It is an octagonal, semi-standard stadium that is set in space with battles and celestial bodies drifting around you. A new car will release alongside it called the Vulcan for $1.99. It has animated wings and, you guessed it, a sci-fi futuristic look.


A new series of crate will be introduced in the Champion Series IV Crates. This one will give the Octane a new look, Octane ZSR, but retain the same hitbox, physics, and turning radius. Separately, Psyonix is going to update the X-Devil and Gizmo’s looks so they’re more streamlined. Two different arenas will also get a fresh coat of paint. There will be a Wasteland (Night) and Utopia Coliseum (Snowy) variants and will find their way into exhibition, private, and all ranked playlists.

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Lastly, a slew of new items will be introduced. Community flags for Noclip, Vikkstar123, SDMN, and NZXT will be added and an undisclosed amount of mysterious antennas. Also, the unlockable holiday items from last year will return along with the new Elf Hat Topper, Nutcracker Antenna, and 2017 New Year’s Glasses Topper. Just like last year (and all the other festive events) these will only be attained randomly after matches and until December’s end. Let us know how you feel about even more new Rocket League content! If anything just to show gratitude to Psyonix Studios.



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