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Rocket League Moving to Free-To-Play This Summer

The PlayStation Blog announced today that Rocket League is going to a free-to-play model sometime this summer. We don’t yet know how this will impact the game, but we do know there are some big changes. The menus are being redesigned for ease of use, and tournaments and challenges are going to be updated with new improvements.

If you already purchased Rocket League or received it for PS Plus, your accomplishments won’t go unrecognized. Your Legacy status will allow you to keep your items. If you played online at any time before the transition, you’ll also receive all the DLC that was released up to that point, a title that shows “Est. 20XX” with the year you first played, over 200 common items will be boosted to legacy, the Golden Cosmos boost, the Deici-Oro Wheels, and the Huntress Player Banner after the game is free to play.

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After five years, the team is excited about this change and for the future, and more details around the changes will be coming soon.


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