Rocket League PS4 Pro Support Arriving February 21st

Rocket League developers, Psyonix Studios, has teamed up with Panic Button in order to make the soccer-car hybrid compatible with the PlayStation 4 Pro. On February 21st, an update will be available to download that allows the game to run at 4K and sixty frames per second. Standard PS4 users also have some good news to look forward too. This same patch will allow a base PS4 to run Rocket League at 1080p and sixty frames per second as well. These changes will apply to all single and two-player split screen modes. Three or four-player split screen affairs will run the new improvements in most arenas. Which ones won’t weren’t revealed, but we’ll take a stab and say Neo Tokyo is one of those maps.

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The update will also introduce some of the upcoming DLCs we’ve talked about recently. Here’s hoping the enhancements take down the PC advantage, when it comes to Rocket League, down a notch. If you’re looking forward to any of the many changes coming to Psyonix’s baby in the near future, let us know! Those Hot Wheel cars have stricken our particular fancy.


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