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Rocket League Season 4 Goes Live August 11th

Rocket League is back in rootin’ tootin’ style.

Psyonix Studios and Panic Button Games have revealed that Rocket League Season 4 kicks off this week and it looks like we’re goin’ straight to the wild wild west with a new arena and ‘Outlaw’ car.

Players will be able to kick dust in the new Deadeye Canyon Arena but they’ll have to keep on their toes for the new outlaw car which is on the loose and is known for stealing boosts. There’s plenty of loot to be found in Deadeye Canyon like Tanker Wheels, Lava Boosts, and Amiko decal.

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Additional tournaments are also on the horizon with new 2v2 and Extra Mode tournaments being thrown into the mix with new rewards that have been refreshed for the new season. There are also a number of new limited-time modes being added to season 4 with heatseeker kicking off the day after launch on August 12th until August 19th to make way for the speed demon LTM.

This new LTM is for players who really want to test their mettle and will combine mutators with the speed of boomer ball without bounces, with demos on contact and a fast respawn time. Spring Loaded which is a rumble variant and mutator option in private matches will be making its way to LTMs at the end of the month.

There are also a number of small quality of life changes coming in season 4, players will now have the option to turn off copyrighted music in audio settings essentially giving them the freedom to stream on their chosen platforms without the fear of copyright strikes.

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Casual Matches are also being fine-tuned with players now having the option to forfeit the match the same way they would in a competitive match. This means that players who leave a match early without conceding will be penalised and hit with Matchmaking bans, with the ban being extended for every game that is abandoned.

There will also be improvements implemented to matchmaking and ensure that players in each party are of roughly the same skill level. However, this won’t be included in 2v2, casual matches, or extra modes.

An update will be available to download on August 10th to make way for Season 4 on August 11th.

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