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Rocket League Stressballs Are Now a Thing

Rocket League can be quite a tense and nerve-wrecking game, but does it actually cause stress? Apparently so, otherwise Psyonix wouldn’t have bothered getting official Rocket League stressballs made up.

Yes, these things are real and they’re to help you cope with the stress of driving a remote controlled car around a digital football pitch. Unfortunately the site states that there’s no stock left, so we just advise that you don’t take the game to heart; after all, it is just a bloody game…

If you are interested in helping keep the blood pressure on the low, you can keep checking in with the Rocket League store to see if there’s any more inventory. At the time of writing there’s nothing left, but once they’re back in stock they’ll set you back around $8. Cheaper than replacing a DualShock 4 and a TV screen, right?

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