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Rocket League Tracks Now Available for Beat Saber

Beat Saber dropped six new tracks today in a collaboration with Rocket League. The Beat Saber: Rocket League X Monstercat Music Pack takes tracks from your favorite competitive racing game as well as some new tracks from Monstercat. There is also a new environment for you to slice those beats that takes its inspiration from Rocket League.

The idea of joining forces was a no brainer for Beat Games. They love playing Rocket League and felt the two companies had a lot in common. They both were huge hits that pushed new ideas, both were very competitive in nature, and both games placed a lot of importance on music. The feeling must have been mutual, because we have these new tracks. They can be purchased individually for $1.99/£1.69 or in a bundle for $8.99/£7.39.

  • Tokyo Machine – ‘PLAY’
  • Stephen Walking – ‘Glide’
  • Slushii – ‘LUV U NEED U’
  • Tokyo Machine – ‘ROCK IT’
  • Dion Timmer – ‘Shiawase’
  • Slushii & Dion Timmer – ‘Test Me’

If you play Rocket League, logging into the game today will net you the Boost and Topper customization items as the cubes and sounds from Beat Saber. No matter which game you play, these two developers are sharing their mutual admiration.

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