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Rocket League Update 1.21 Is Live on PS4, Patch Notes Inside

We know what you’re thinking. You have a Rocket League addiction to feed but a new update came up for download. While you were waiting, or in the middle of playing, you were wondering what patch 1.21 changes? Sadly, not much. It’s a small update but fixes the following technical issues:

  • Fixed an issue where Spectators would sometimes see incorrect nameplates
  • Fixed several Neo Tokyo collision issues that were causing abnormal bounces within the Arena.
  • Fixed issues with sound mix causing some effects to be too loud or “bassy”
  • Painted items are now displaying as colored in matches
  • Fixed issues with Hearts Boost audio staying on indefinitely
  • Fixed a crash related to viewing old replays in Dunk House

The community can breathe a sigh of relief though. The hearts boost audio was extremely annoying. Whenever someone had it equipped, the boost sound would continuously play until someone scored a goal or the game was over. Didn’t matter if the person using it was boosting or not. Now off you go. Travel back to the wonderful world of Rocket League.

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