Rocket League’s New NBA DLC Set to Release Next Week.

Rocket League’s raging success as a game, and even as an Esport, has resulted in Psyonix frequently releasing new DLC packs to please its ever multiplying fan base. In their latest instalment of physics defying game modes we will be seeing a new NBA themed ‘Hoops Mode’ featuring a new arena aptly named ‘The Dunk House’.

Following the likes of Snow Day and Rocket Labs, the DLC will be absolutely free for everyone and released in a patch update. However, if you want to show your support and can’t resist a bit of extra DLC you can purchase the official NBA Flag Pack separately from the PSN store.

The Dunk House features a basketball style arena (although you probably figured that one out yourself) with two mammoth sized basketball hoops occupying each end in place of the goals, to top it off we even get a basketball rather than the football used in the classic game mode. With regard to difficulty, this does not appear to be¬†quite as straightforward as other game modes – well it’s still the same idea of ‘get ball in opponents goal/hoop’ but with the added complication of the hoop being partially up the wall we are going to see a lot more aerial plays. No need to fret, though, as Hoops Mode goes online next Tuesday (April 26th) which gives you 5 days to prepare for those sweet aerial dunks. The NBA flag pack will release at the same time and if you haven’t seen the trailer yet you can check it out below.

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