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Rocketbirds 2: Evolution Lays a Golden Egg on PS4, PS Vita on April 26th

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled was a buzzing little game when it released a few years back, and now those crazy birds are at it again in Rocketbirds 2: Evolution.

Ratloop Asia’s Sian Yue Tan recently jumped on the PlayStation Blog to give us some details about the game, its features, and its release date. The good news is that it’s coming very, very soon – April 26th. The other good news is that it’s coming to both PS4 and PS Vita and, if you read the subtitle of this article, you’d know that it’s also going to be a cross-buy title, meaning that you can pay for one version and get the other one free.

Multiplayer fans will be pleased to know that Rocketbirds 2: Evolution features a ton of different ways to play with friends. You can go online, offline, co-op, and versus in a variety of different modes. That’s not to say that the single player experience has been left in the chicken coop though, as there’s still a full single player campaign to work through.

The developers have put together a nice little video that serves as a guide for would-be players. It’s a decent watch and we’d recommend at least giving it a few minutes of your time if you intend to pick this one up later this month.

What do you reckon? Cuckoo crazy or a genius evolution over the original game? Lay your comments down in the comment coop below.

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