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Rockstar Games Purchases Crackdown Developer

NOTE: This story has been edited to add as the original source of the story.

It seems like the time of year for new acquisitions. Originally reported by, covered a story that shows Rockstar Games quietly added Crackdown developer, Ruffian Games, to its list of studios. The studio’s new name will be Rockstar Dundee, and the agreement may have been finalized around October 1st based on ownership changes filed under the Companies House info.

Rockstar and Ruffian were collaborating on a projects to make “unspecified titles” for a year, and Rockstar may have decided to take the developer completely in-house. Before this, Ruffian Games had worked on Crackdown, Project Gotham Racing 2, and Fable. Does this mean a new Crackdown game might be on a PlayStation platform? Who knows what the next few years will bring?

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