Rocksteady Are Not Making Superman, Honestly

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The Video Games Awards 2018 will be the stage for more than ten new announcements. However, one of those will definitely not be by Rocksteady Games, who are adamant they’re not making a Superman title. And they should know, right?

Co-founder Sefton Hill proclaimed his excitement for this year’s show online, but finished the Tweet by telling fans not to expect any announcement from their team. In his own words, they’re “still hard at work” on their current project but “it’s not Superman”. Now, that is sure to be a kryptonite strength blow to gamers everywhere who were pretty darned adamant they knew just what was being created in Rocksteady’s “development bunker”.

For, after the success of Batman Arkham Knight, which now seems like an eternity ago, what better way is there than to come back fighting with another caped crusader.

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But, alas, it’s not meant to be – unless this is some cruel joke from Hill – and with little else to go on, what’s currently under development is a mystery.

Maybe, instead of Superman, they’re working on Super-gran. But whatever it is, the suspense is quite crippling. Just like the Bat’s button-mashing finisher.

Will you be disappointed if Superman was only ever a dream? What would you like to see Rocksteady come out with next? Could a Harry Potter RPG be on the horizon? Share you predictions in the crystal comments box below.

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