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Rocksteady Works on Suicide Squad as Batman Nears Announcement

The film might have been a disappointment. But Rocksteady are hoping to turn Suicide Squad into the next big gaming franchise. Or at least that’s what it sounds like, thanks to Eurogamer’s latest article. In fact, going by the tone of voice being considered in a number of possible domain names (Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League being one), this could be a proper adult rated superhero adventure!

Batman, however, might be stealing the limelight before them though – in Gotham Knights. And it’s about blooming time.

That’s because the Bat is apparently being readied for a reveal in the next few months – at the DC Fandom event in August, to be precise. An unmasking that has been a long time in the making and quite a tiresome journey, given all the teasers there have been. But let’s just hope the community can find an extra ounce of stamina to get them this little bit further, or the team might have a tough sell on their hands…

The fact we’re getting a reveal now suggests to me this may be a next generation exclusive. And the reason I say that is the fact it’s apparently been ready to announce for a while now, so maybe they were just waiting for Sony to show off the PlayStation 5 – as we all were. But I could be wrong; they could just enjoy a good old tease!

Meanwhile, the Suicide Squad game sounds pretty definitely like a PS5 release as it’s still a long way off. So, don’t be expecting to see that in the next round of trailers. I’m still waiting on a Harley Quinn game, though, especially after the recent film. That’s where I see the money and pixels being next…

Source: Eurogamer

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