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Rocksteady’s New Game is Suicide Squad, Full Reveal Coming Later This Month

For the last few years, we’ve all been wondering what Rocksteady has been working on. There have been rumours of a new Batman game, and even a Superman game, but it turns out that neither is true.

Rocksteady has revealed on its official Twitter account that it will be showing off its new project during the Warner Bros. Fandome event, and that project is Suicide Squad.

The tease through Twitter shows an image of Superman with the words ‘Suicide Squad’ in the shape of a target over his head. Perhaps this is a hint towards the game’s story? Will the Suicide Squad be targeting the Man of Steel? Or will Supes be targeting the Suicide Squad? It’s all speculation at this point, so we’re better off waiting until the actual reveal which will take place on August 22nd as part of the Fandome event.


Source: Twitter

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