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RPG Asdivine Hearts Making Its Way to PS4 This Winter

Calling all old school RPG fans. Asdivine Hearts will be coming to the PS4 as well as the PS3 and PS Vita come this winter. No specific date has been set yet. If you’re wondering what makes this old school, meander on down to the trailer below. The story goes that a bright flash of light enveloped the world of Asdivine and because of it, the influence of shadows grows ever larger. Some try to make sense of the planet changing event and some even speculate the heavens are involved. Except they don’t realize how far-reaching the events have transpired.¬†Enter a chubby cat, claiming to be a Light Deity, who warns a young man named Zach and his childhood friend Stella that the world is about to collapse. After some initial (and healthy) skepticism, the pair set out to change the fate of the world.

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