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RPG Sacred Fire Reveals Character Customisation Trailer After Successful Kickstarter

Poetic Studio, a fledgling developer founded in 2014, recently found success with their Kickstarter campaign for the game they’re calling a ‘Psychological RPG,’ Sacred Fire. To celebrate reaching the first of their stretch goals, the developer has come out with a trailer showing off the extended character customisation options made possible by reaching this milestone. Check out the trailer above, then read on for everything we know about the game.

Sacred Fire is a narrative driven and choice based RPG set in Caledonia and casting players as a warrior outcast from the ancient Scottish land. As Roman hordes invade your homeland, you will lead a band of resistance fighters through tactical encounters where a sparkling personality is just as important as a well-muscled sword arm. In a recent post from Poetic Studio’s lead designer Andrej Vojtas on the PlayStation Blog, the developer outlined his take on the fundamentals of an RPG, saying,

In most RPGs the role-playing and character creation is reduced to choosing a role in combat and how you deal damage. I missed that old-school role-play feeling, where you can be creative and figure out how to gain an edge against a stronger enemy or avoid a fight altogether.

The post goes on to explain that the third person turn-based nature of the game extends to dialogue as well as combat. The game uses a ‘numbers based personality model’ to simulate the inner workings of an ancient warrior and will focus on the character’s psychological motivations and relationships over revenge against the imperialist Romans.

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The previously released trailer featured on the PlayStation blog shows the game’s unique storybook art style and gives us an idea of how the character’s personality traits will influence both dialogue and combat choices. Various traits will affect everything from your attack and dodge chances, to whether you’ll get the drop on opponents, how likely other characters are to protect you, and much more. Even your character’s moods can affect things. It seems you won’t be able to cover all the bases in one character and selecting different traits to focus on will open up differing play styles.

Augmenting this system of traits are skills such as crafting and healing and a leveling system called ‘authority’ which will let you improve the strength of your character’s personality and access special ‘reward traits.’ In an interesting twist, this system will also allow players to unlock ‘words of power’ and use them to lock in aspects of their character’s ‘core beliefs’ as they see fit. It all sounds like and intriguing and original idea for an RPG and backing up these gameplay ideas is a voice that some of you may already have recognised. Yes, that gruff voice in the trailer above is none other than Doug Cockle (or as he’s better known, Geralt of Rivia) who will be lending his vocal talents to the game. Check out the official site for Sacred Fire here.

Well, this looks like one to keep an eye on. Don’t get too excited yet though, Sacred Fire is slated for release in 2018 so there’s bit of a wait. We’ll bring you all the news on the game as it comes out. In the meantime, give us your thoughts on the in-development title in the comments below!




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