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RTS Iron Harvest Announced & Takes Place in Alternate 1920s

KING Art Games in association with artist Jakub Rozalski announced Iron Harvest today. It’s a real-strategy game for the PlayStation 4 and takes place in an alternate version of the 1920s. The new and fascinating technology used as weapons on the battlefield of World War 1 are now part of everyday life. Factions fight for influence of their land while other forces are working on messing up Europe to once again cause a great war.

We love games like Company of Heroes or Men at War and want to bring a similar gameplay experience to this fantastic world Jakub created,” Jan Theysen, Project Lead at KING Art Games explains. “You lead hero characters, mechs, and soldiers into epic battles in open sandbox maps. Cover mechanics and dynamic destruction play a major role in combat.”

Iron Harvest is still in early development and isn’t scheduled to launch until sometime in 2018. There’s no trailer released for the title yet but a few screenshots were released. We’re greatly looking forward to another project that Jakub Rozalski is working on though. Are you?


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